Seniors own more real estate than any other market segment.

They are 3x's more likely to sell their home in the next 3 years.

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A new path to real estate success

The book introduces working relationships to establish your real estate business in the senior market.

It introduces a new revenue stream that synergizes more real estate business, while gaining new profits.

It discusses the issues and circumstances that affect seniors and their families and Real Estate.

It lays out a business model that attracts professionals and specialists who will want to work and market with you.

It describes business and marketing strategies.

And reveals the opportunities for a senior real estate specialist to build a successful business.

In 2017, there are 44 million seniors By 2030, there will be 77 million.

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It's a proven business model, and proven strategy for a real estate business to grow with longevity and value.

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A new path to real estate success

Gain an understanding for the business, laws and regulations that affect seniors and families when they buy and sell real estate. The book offers information, solutions, knowledge of benefits and funding for care, strategies in business and marketing for seniors. A look inside the elder care industry that gives you the confidence to ask seniors, their families, professionals and specialists for real estate business.